7 methods & strategies to increase your credit card rewards in 20/20 2
7 methods & strategies to increase your credit card rewards in 20/20 3
7 methods & strategies to increase your credit card rewards in 20/20 4

strategies to increase your credit card rewards in 20/20

let’s make 2020 your maximum rewarding year yet. when you’ve been using a rewards credit card for some time, you ultimately attain the point in which you want to take your earnings to the next stage. With the proper techniques, it’s feasible to increase the full rewards you earn by means of 50%, 100%, or maybe much more. whether you pick & choose cash back or travel rewards, right here are the modifications or the 7 methods to increase your credit card rewards and get these forms of results in the year 20/20

1. you need to apply for at least one new card to earn a sign-up bonus

The customers who earn the maximum rewards are constantly searching for the largest credit card sign-up bonuses. With bonuses, you could earn a huge bite of cashback or travel points, and it normally takes only a few months. thinking about how fast you could earn rewards this manner, it is clever to apply for as a minimum one card with a sign-up bonus every year. in case you assume you could manage extra cards, then you could want to begin seeking out a new one every time you complete the requirements for a bonus.

2. combine a flat-rate rewards card and a card with bonus categories

There are two varieties of rewards credit cards: Flat-rate cards — those earn one rate, consisting of 1.5% back on all of your spending. Bonus category cards — these earn better bonus rates in certain spending categories, consisting of 3% back at grocery shops. On everyday spending, they usually earn 1% back. To get the satisfaction of both worlds, you ought to carry each kind of card. you would use your bonus category card in any of the categories in which it’s going to earn you more points and your flat-rate card for everything else.

3. evaluate your spending

To select the proper bonus category card it is essential to choose a bonus category card that you will be capable of use frequently. for this reason, you ought to evaluate your spending to locate the categories in which you spend the maximum cash. There are some ways you may try this.

you could review all your expenses for the past month. in case you need to move back further, you can use a whole year. some other alternative is to look at your month-to-month budget. this will provide you with a very good idea of whether or not you’ll gain most from a card that earns more back at grocery shops, eating places, or any other spending category.

4. take a look at the special offers your credit card agency sends you

Credit card agencies sometimes ship out special offers that provide you with the opportunity to earn extra points. for instance, I have seen offers of 500 to 1,000 points for either make as a minimum 3 contactless card payments or for the use of a card at the least three times via a payment app. offers like those are not hard to complete, so make certain you check any emails from your card provider.

5. Use the buying portals for your rewards cards

Most credit card companies have shopping portals. A shopping portal is a website you go to via your online credit card account, and it consists of a collection of merchant websites in which you may shop to earn extra points. underneath every merchant, the portal will list the number of extra points you earn consistently with $1 spent.

6. See if you could get retention offers for the cards you have already got

the last thing a credit card company wishes is to lose a cardholder. To keep away from that, it can provide you something extra in case you want to cancel your card. this is referred to as a retention offer, you may take advantage of this via calling your card company and telling them that you’re considering canceling your card. The worst-case situation is that they do not provide you anything, wherein case you could always say that you’ve changed your mind and also you need to preserve the card. however, there may be also an excellent chance that you may get a retention offer.

7. take into account carrying multiple bonus category card

Despite the fact that a flat-rate card and a bonus category card are an exquisite mixture, you can earn even extra through carrying more than one card with different bonus categories. it’s obviously better from a rewards angle to have extra bonus categories in which you could earn extra.

The disadvantage is that you’ll have more credit cards to control. which means more bills you need to pay on time, and you will additionally need to keep in mind which card to use for each purchase. If you can manage that, then it is well worth expanding the number of bonus category cards you use.

Maxing out your rewards it’s in no way a very good idea to spend extra cash within the pursuit of credit card rewards. it truly is why you need to find methods to earn as a lot back as possible on your normal costs. By adopting a few or all the strategies above, you will be capable of wringing plenty more rewards out of your normal spending.

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